10 Ways to Impress Home Buyers with Your Home Staging

Taylor C. Lucyk

Are you selling your luxury home? If so, congrats! This is an exciting time. But it's also a time when you need to be sure you're doing everything possible to impress potential buyers. Home staging is one of the best ways to do that. Need help with staging your luxury home? Don't worry; we've got you covered. Here are 10 ways to ensure your home staging leaves a lasting impression on every potential buyer.

Improve curb appeal

First impressions count, so making your home stand out when potential buyers pull up to the curb is essential. Most improvements can be completed over a weekend and will do a lot to freshen up the external appearance of your home. A few ideas include:
  • Clean the grime off your home's siding, roof, fascia, and gutters with a pressure washer.
  • Apply a fresh coat of paint to the shutters and front door; ensure it blends well with the rest of the home's exterior.
  • Swap out old welcome mats, mailboxes, lighting, and home numbers for newer versions. Strategically placed sconces will help ensure guests have enough light to see when entering your home after dark.
  • Tidy up the edging around flowerbeds and lay down fresh mulch.
  • Get a pair of urns or big pots and fill them with seasonal flowers or greenery; do the same with window boxes.

Spruce up the entryway

Your home's entryway is also key to making a lasting first impression. After all, it sets the tone for the entirety of the house — and if there's clutter scattered around or peeling paint on the walls or moldings, it won't create the luxurious look buyers want. A few simple updates can go a long way in creating an elegant and inviting atmosphere for potential buyers as soon as they cross the threshold.

Start by clearing any clutter in the entryway — sweep away old shoes, toys, or anything unnecessary. Then, add a fresh coat of high-quality paint to the walls and consider replacing outdated hardware (doorknobs, decorative switch plates, etc.). This step isn't just practical; it's also an excellent opportunity to introduce beautiful decor elements that match your interior furnishings and ornate hardware that boasts intricate detailing.

Refresh the kitchen

Kitchens sell houses, so your modifications can make a huge impact. Moreover, many improvements can be completed with just a bit of elbow grease. First, put your storage on display by packing up any rarely-used small appliances and holiday dinnerware and using up dry pantry items. Next, remove debris from the countertops.

You may also consider repainting the cabinets, opting for classic white or a deep neutral like slate blue or gray.  At the absolute least, replace the old hardware. A rusted faucet or one covered with hard-water stains can be a major turn-off, so supersede it with stylish and functional ones.

Clear out excess furniture

The number one thing you need to do to prepare your home for sale is to remove any unnecessary items. Having too much furniture is a big contributor to a cluttered appearance. As part of the home selling process, professional stagers may remove as much as fifty percent of the owner's furniture from the premises. When showing your home to potential buyers, it's important that they have free reign to walk around each space as they choose. Ensure they have unrestricted access to all the windows and other amenities, such as the fireplace and built-in bookcases. Reducing decorative items on shelves and the coffee table and just use a couple of accent pillows on the couch.

Be mindful of furniture placement

It's a widespread misconception that pushing furniture against the walls makes a space look bigger when the opposite is true. Instead, decorate your area by floating furniture away from walls, arranging it so it's easy to see how people should move through the space. Consider rearranging couches and chairs to provide intimate discussion nooks. In addition to improving accessibility, this will provide the impression of additional space.

Create a dedicated office space

Today, more people work from home than ever before. If you're trying to sell your house, creating a dedicated office could be a good idea. If your home lacks space for a full-fledged office, create a workspace in a spare bedroom, the corner of the living room, or even a closet.

Depersonalize the home

Buyers want to be able to imagine their own belongings in the property, and this can be challenging if it is filled with yours. Take down personal mementos such as pictures, framed certificates, kids' artwork, and trophies, and decorate with generic artwork or mirrors instead.

Spotlight your storage

Prospective buyers almost always prioritize storage options. Make it easy for guests to see them by clearing out your cabinets and closets. Use baskets and boxes of the same material to organize your items. Incorporate shoe racks and baskets that fit beneath shelves to exhibit the adaptability of your storage. Clear up the linen closet and throw in a few bags of potpourri so potential buyers can open the door to the sweet aroma of clean linens and towels.

Create spa-like bathrooms

A dirty bathroom will surely be the deal-breaker for any prospective buyers, so ensure your restrooms are spotless. Clean the faucets to remove hard water stains, check for mold, and declutter the vanity and medicine cabinet to make more room. New bath mats, carpets, and curtains are a wise investment that can be taken with you when you move. Tile that has seen better days may benefit from a fresh coat of paint. Discolored grout can be easily remedied with a $15 bottle of grout dye, and moldy caulk surrounding the tub or shower should be cut away and re-caulked. Once everything is clean, transform the space into a relaxing spa by adding fluffy white towels, candles, luxurious soaps, and apothecary-inspired decorations.

Make the bedrooms luxurious

A bed with fine linens can transform even the most ordinary primary bedroom into a relaxing retreat. Think about the beds at five-star hotels with thick, silky comforters tucked into white or other light-colored duvets. Use a duvet cover in a simple hue, then accessorize with various cushions, throws, and blankets. Clear out nightstands, and don't leave any personal belongings behind.

We hope you’ve found these home staging tips helpful. Should you choose to hire an expert home stager, expert Northern New Jersey realtor Taylor Lucyk can put you in touch with several home staging experts– all of which will get your home sold quickly and for top dollar. Contact Taylor today to get started!

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