The Importance of Digital Marketing When Selling Your Home

Taylor C. Lucyk

The importance of digital marketing when selling your home begins with one simple fact: people who buy homes in 2022 turn to the web. More than half of all home shoppers end up buying a home from their online searches.
Because of this fact, nothing is more important to your success as a seller than a strong digital marketing presence. People who list their homes online earn more money and gain the best terms, all by meeting potential buyers right where they are: at the virtual door. Let’s explore what digital marketing means to the success of your listing.

Many potential home buyers start with Google

Today, more than ever, the world turns to a search engine like Google to track down information on just about any topic you can imagine. Information about the purchase of a new home is no exception.
In a matter of seconds, a quick search on a smartphone connects would-be buyers with the types of homes that match their criteria. As a seller, you want a digital marketing presence to boost your visibility every time someone punches in information that matches your listing criteria.

Many potential home buyers start with Google
Some of your best leads hang around the search engines ready to click the “Contact Us” button on a real estate website. Don’t miss out on potential buyers finding your property in their searches.
Taylor Lucyk and his team implement a powerful SEO marketing strategy to scale their website to the top of the search engines. They stay updated on the changing algorithms and focus on keywords based on what potential buyers use to search for information online. They also do keyword research and put the keywords in their articles and blog posts.

It’s a mobile-first world that loves video

Mobile and video marketing grow more effective by the day. In fact, mobile ad campaigns outperform other types of digital marketing and advertising. (When was the last time you made it through a day without surfing the web on your smartphone?)
Once a mobile user lands on your website, video is one of the best ways to keep them engaged. Listings with video have been proven to get 403 percent more inquiries. Leaving video out of your digital marketing strategy is leaving leads on the table.
Since search engines rank engaging video content higher than other types of media, a video of your property could be the tool that connects you with potential buyers Googling for information right now. The Taylor Lucyk Group is known for its inspiring video content and home tours on its social media channels and website. Allowing their listings to be shown in the best light and in the most popular way.

Digital marketing promotes online reviews

Establishing credibility is critical to any business. Luxury real estate is no exception. In fact, a positive review from a previous customer could be among the easiest ways to gain trust and credibility from future customers.
Part of the Taylor Lucyk Group’s digital marketing presence is their Google business page, which features over 150 positive reviews. There is power in social proof. The agents on the team have established a trust in a niche where sellers ask buyers to make big investments in their property.

Reach buyers via their email inbox

Emails convert better than some of the most impactful digital marketing strategies in the real estate world. There’s no better way to connect, engage, and compel your new leads while keeping existing prospects interested in your listing. In a world where 89 percent of consumers prefer to communicate via email, you can be sure that potential buyers welcome your email outreach campaign with open arms.

Digital marketing empowers professional photography

Digital marketing empowers professional photography
Working with a listing agent in today’s luxury real estate market means you can expect professional photos at the bare minimum. There are agents who choose to take their own photos and you should avoid them at all costs. This major red flag signifies a real estate agent who lacks a solid understanding of the importance of digital marketing when selling your home.
Just like your home’s curb appeal creates a first impression for potential buyers standing in front of your house, your listing’s photos empower a make-or-break moment where buyers will click to learn more or hit the “back” button on the browser and search for something better.
Taylor Lucyk and his team will make the most of your home’s digital-first impression with professional photography that commands attention, earns you more dollars from the sale, and sells your home faster.

Digital marketing connects through social media

Digital marketing connects through social media
Paid and organic digital marketing and advertising campaigns on Instagram, Google, Facebook, and YouTube drive more foot traffic to open houses and expand the pool of potential buyers ready to take a closer look inside.
Homes marketed on social media gain more exposure than homes only listed on the MLS or another luxury real estate website. More exposure means more offers, more competition, and more intense bidding wars to help drive up the final selling price of your home.

Digital marketing promotes 3-D virtual tours

Virtual tours are growing in popularity as a modern form of digital marketing in luxury real estate. Unlike a slideshow of still photos, a 3-D virtual tour gives potential buyers the chance to walk from room to room at their own pace right from the comfort of home on any device including a smartphone. This interactive experience turns your home into a user-directed tour with the power to spark those initial feelings of excitement that encourage buyers to drop by the home in person.
Most successful digital marketing experts in the real estate industry, Like Taylor Lucyk, implement the virtual tour hosting strategy to generate faster revenue and streamline the home buying process. The home-buying process is hard and virtual tours make things easier for your target audience. The old days of walking through a home in person are over. Today, the internet gives you the power to do all the touring you need right from the comfort of your home.

Digital marketing enables digital floor plans

Digital marketing enables digital floor plans
A little less than 40% of homes listed on the MLS today feature digital floor plans, which demonstrates the popularity of this growing trend in luxury real estate. Like a virtual tour, digital floor plans enable quick access to a good overview of the property with the power to drive more interest from a potential buyer.
Embedded photos give buyers the power to see what each room looks like throughout the digital floor plan and figure out if the home is a good fit for their needs. Information on room sizes and locations can help potential buyers take the next step in the process.

Market and sell your home with the Taylor Lucyk Group

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